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Post  Admin on Thu Jul 28, 2011 3:21 pm

A vehicle consists of parts like compressor, Condenser , evaporator, accumulator, expansion valve and much more which contributes to its effective functioning. These are the cooling system components of your vehicle. The AC compressor is a type of pump which has a main function of circulating the liquid refrigerant. Your vehicle AC Compressor is driven by the belt attached to the engine directly. A vehicle A/C compressor is the heart of the air conditioning system that divides the high and low pressure areas of the system. The AC compressor pumps the liquid refrigerant from the evaporator to the condenser and then transfers the refrigerant to the expansion valve and back to the evaporator. When you have got a problem with this function, then you cannot get the best out of the air conditioning system. When you find any problem immediately make action, otherwise you will find more damage later. Always have check in your vehicle A/C compressor working conditions.



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