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Volvo, the name stands synonymous with safety and comfort in the automobile industry. The Swedish brand was founded by Assar Gabrielsson and Gustaf Larsson in 1927. The first car manufactured by the company was named Volvo Jakob. Right from its first vehicle passenger safety was prioritized and followed strictly. Till today Volvo vehicles are known for introducing new safety measures and performance. Holding the top crash test scores, Volvo is one of the trusted manufacturers of safe-to-ride vehicles in the industry. After unveiling its first vehicle, Volvo introduced its second and third in 1929 named PV651. By 1931 Volvo produced more than 10,000 vehicles. After the war, Volvo unveiled PV444, one of the biggest success in its sales history. By 1950 the company started exporting cars to US and the model PV444 was a grand success and was well received by the audience. Volvo concentrating on passenger's safety was the first one to introduce three-point safety belts. In 1960s Volvo introduced its sports car named P1800. It was praised for its stylish looks and performance. Along with improved safety features, Volvo offered padded dashboards and energy-resistant front and rear crumple zones. During 70s, Volvo was pioneer in introducing technologies and features to its vehicles. A few to name are the collapsible steering columns, childproof locks, rear-facing child seats and additional safety features. In 1980s Volvo became the favorites of young professionals living affluent lifestyle in US. By the end of the decade Volvo introduced turbocharged car and FWD480 hatchback in Europe and 780 coupe with Italian design. Volvo's first executive car 850 was introduced in the early 90s. It was also the first front-wheel-drive executive car from Volvo. Late 90s saw the brand's S40 and C70 cars which had stylish and rounded appearance leaving out the traditional box shape of Volvo. In 1998 the brand was acquired by popular American automaker, the Ford. Strictly adhering to the dictum of the founders, Volvo has got coupes, sedans and SUVs to its product lineup.

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