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Daewoo, a South Korean automobile company was founded in the year 1967 by Kim Woo Choong. In 1986, Daewoo joined General Motors and renamed as Daewoo Motor. The brand was famous for small compact cars for a certain period. Because of some problem, General Motors bought Daewoo and introduced different models. In the year 1982, GM introduced Royale and it was a success in the market. In 1990s Daewoo came up with mid-sized vehicles. Its models include Tico, Espero, Brougham, Matiz and Prince/Super. In 1999 GM Daewoo introduced Mini SUV and a Crossover and it was well received by the people. Likewise, GM Daewoo introduced many models in the market. In 2006, it came up with Winstrom Crossover SUV and G2X roadster in 2008



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